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Complete renovations

ASTRA Construction provides total residential-renovation services in Calgary. We provide a complete scope of renovations for both interiors and exteriors.

Whether you’re renovating your whole home or just one room, ASTRA Construction provides everything you need. Our services include kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, cabinetry, drywall, painting, electrical, and plumbing. Our exterior services include siding, roofing, and building-envelope restoration.

Let ASTRA Construction rejuvenate your Calgary home. We offer striking design work and everything you need to reimagine and reconfigure your living space.

Strathlea Home Renovations

172 Strathlea Place SW, Calgary, AB

Project Description:

The original homeowners (19 years) wanted to update/modernize their kitchen, while maximizing their budget/value for their home. By maintaining the existing layout, we were able to improve storage and aesthetics but not lose the familiarity/existing functionality of their home.

Taking this 1990s kitchen into 2018, we extended the new custom cabinetry to the painted ceiling--while also providing additional storage and being exceptionally appealing to the eye.

The stainless steel appliances were selected to complement the sleek look of this modern kitchen, but also making this a highly functional space for meal preparation. The double wall ovens, ceiling-mounted hood fan, and new 36" smooth profile cook-top are a chef's dream. The appliance package is complete with new dishwasher and french-door refrigerator to match.

The homeowners were very involved in designing their desired layout to achieve their preferences for functionality.

Bild Finalist

Best Kitchen Renovation up to $89,999

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Area: 2,700 sq. ft.
Duration: 3 months
Delivery Model: Fixed Price
Delivery model: Cost plus
Year of Completion:     2018