Environmentally sustainable construction

Construction affects the environment: it changes landscapes, alters skylines, and integrates new buildings into existing communities. ASTRA Group prioritizes the environment and minimizes unwanted environmental effects from its build projects in Calgary.

We meet or exceed all applicable environmental laws and regulations and operate in full compliance with all relevant environmental legislation. Sustainable construction is an integral part of our business, and we consistently demonstrate this by the following:

  • training all employees about relevant environmental concerns and encouraging environmentally responsible practices;
  • using an environmental management system to identify, classify, assess, and review environmental issues;
  • sourcing environmentally responsible products;
  • developing and maintaining environmental emergency- and spill-response programs as required by law or where significant health, safety, or environmental hazards exist;
  • promoting waste-, water-, and energy-reduction measures to clients during construction;
  • setting measurable goals, providing on-going training, and continuously reviewing our management system’s effectiveness;
  • clearly communicating our environmental commitment to clients and the public.