Hazmat abatement in Calgary

Calgary’s ASTRA Restorations is your hazardous materials removal expert. As a fully licensed and insured company, we are the only service provider to trust for hazardous materials removal and restoration.


ASTRA Restorations offers complete industrial-waste disposal and recycling services, including for toxic, chemical, and industrial waste.

We also offer aerosol recycling, removal of obsolete chemicals (including pails, pallets, drummed and bulk oil, and plastic oil containers), and general handling of chemical products and by-products (including acids and bases).

We clean, recycle, and dispose of plastic and steal drums, tanks, and plastic and steal containers. We also recycle contaminated soil and treat and dispose of contaminated water.


Calgary’s ASTRA Restorations is COR-certified with the Alberta Construction Safety Association and is also a ContracterCheck member. This means ASTRA complies or exceeds all safety regulations for the handling and abatement of hazardous materials.

We offer professional service backed by experience and quality training. We have an exemplary safety record and prioritize the environment in all our operations.

The astra solution

Calgary-based ASTRA Restorations offers waste-identification services, waste removal, and waste abatement. This amounts to a total waste-handling service. We provide this at cost-effective rates, making ASTRA Restorations your only hazardous-materials solution.

Calgary’s ASTRA Restorations understands how crucial hazardous-waste management is to companies. We also know how difficult this can be for companies lacking the proper training and equipment.

We offer low-cost, effective means of hazardous-waste removal and abatement. We have the experience and training to efficiently manage your toxic and industrial wastes.

909 Asbestos Abatement

909 5th Ave SW, Calgary, AB

Area: 10 Floors
Duration: 3 Weeks
Level: Moderate
Complete: 2022

Wyndham Crossing Abatement

4807 137 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB

Area: 30 Units + Common
Duration: 3 Months
Level: High
Complete: 2022

Ground-Pipe Abatement

8th Avenue & 8th Street SW, Calgary, AB

Area: 120 ft.
Duration: 1 week
Level: Moderate
Delivery Model: Fixed price
Year of Completion:     2018

Floor Mastic Abatement

550 6th AVE SW, Calgary, AB

Area: 21,000 Sq. Ft
Duration: 2 weeks
Delivery Model: Fixed price
Year of Completion:     2017
Risk Level: Low-Mid

Storm Drain Abatement

1015 4th Street SW, Calgary, AB

Area: Parkade
Duration: 1 week
Delivery Model: Fixed price
Year of Completion:     2016
Risk Level: Moderate

Ramsay Stucco Abatement

1051 8th Street SE, Calgary, AB

Area: 28 Townhouses
Duration: 4 weeks
Delivery Model: Fixed price
Level: Moderate
Year of Completion:     2018
Number of Bags: 1550

EMCO Restoration

5460 76 AVE SE, Calgary, AB

Area: 650,000 sq. ft.
Flood category: 2
Flood class: 3
Response Time: 45 min.
Year of Completion:     2017

Fortress Restoration

13226 MacLeod Trail South, Calgary, AB

Area: 10,500 sq. ft.
Category: 2
Class: 3
Response Time: 55 min.
Year of Completion :     2017