stdClass Object
    [geoplugin_request] =>
    [geoplugin_status] => 200
    [geoplugin_delay] => 1ms
    [geoplugin_credit] => Some of the returned data includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from
    [geoplugin_city] => Ashburn
    [geoplugin_region] => Virginia
    [geoplugin_regionCode] => VA
    [geoplugin_regionName] => Virginia
    [geoplugin_areaCode] => 
    [geoplugin_dmaCode] => 511
    [geoplugin_countryCode] => US
    [geoplugin_countryName] => United States
    [geoplugin_inEU] => 0
    [geoplugin_euVATrate] => 
    [geoplugin_continentCode] => NA
    [geoplugin_continentName] => North America
    [geoplugin_latitude] => 39.0481
    [geoplugin_longitude] => -77.4728
    [geoplugin_locationAccuracyRadius] => 1000
    [geoplugin_timezone] => America/New_York
    [geoplugin_currencyCode] => USD
    [geoplugin_currencySymbol] => $
    [geoplugin_currencySymbol_UTF8] => $
    [geoplugin_currencyConverter] => 1

Mission & Vision


ASTRA Group’s mission is to be Calgary’s premier construction and property-management company. We aim to be client driven in all specializations—new construction, renovations, restorations, and property management - and at all stages of building’s life. ASTRA Group aims to provide service in everything we do.


ASTRA Group’s vision is to provide construction and property-management agility that doesn’t exist elsewhere. Through diverse specializations, we envision an adaptive service that provides everything a property owner needs to maximize their real-estate assets - from custom-home and multifamily construction to restorations, renovations, and property management. We envision being a construction company that adjusts and configures itself to client needs - ASTRA Group aims to shape itself to you.