Top Multifamily General Renovation Contractor in Western Canada

Astra Construction is the premier multifamily renovation contractor in Western Canada. We have completed thousands of renovations for some of the largest multifamily property managers in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. We can deliver 100-plus units per month. Most importantly, we have the expertise to perform these renovations safely in occupied buildings and units.



Industry-leading team of experts

Our certifications with all relevant industry organizations testify to our training and commitment to worker and tenant safety. We have a perfect safety record for thousands of multifamily renovations.


No job too big, or too small

We can renovate over 100 apartments per month and have done so, as a matter of routine, for Western Canada's most prominent multifamily property managers.


One team per project, period

We provide everything you need for multifamily renovations, from beginning to project end. Rely on us as your one-stop shop for all multifamily and residential renovations.


Western Canada's #1 Multifamily Renovation General Contractor

Astra is the go-to multifamily renovator for some of Western Canada’s largest property managers, including those below.

Material-Delivery Services

We store materials and deliver them to site as needed.

Our 40,000 ft² warehouse facility enables us to store tools and materials ahead of time. We order materials before they're needed and deliver them to site only when they're required, reducing jobsite clutter while improving timelines and efficiency.

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Recent Projects

Wyndham Crossing Renovation

Units: 30+ Common Areas

Scope: Full-scope renovations

Duration: 3 Months

Market: Multifamily

Common-areas renovation

Area: > 50,000 ft²

Scope: Common-areas renovation

Duration: 6 months

Market: Multifamily

Completed: 2021

GEF Seniors Housing

Units: 100+

Scope: Full-scope interior renovations

Duration: Ongoing

Market: Affordable & subsidized housing

Defence Canada Construction

Scope: Full-scope interior & exterior

Units: Multiple

Duration: 12 months

Market: Military housing

Full-scope renovation

Scope: Interior & exterior

Units: 12 plus common areas

Duration: 6 months

Market: Multifamily

Interior renovations

Scope: Total interior

Units: 16 plus common areas

Duration: 7 months

Market: Multifamily

Renovations & restorations

Scope: Interior & exterior

Units: 300+

Duration: Ongoing

Market: Multifamily

Renovations & restorations

Scope: Interior & exterior

Units: 400+

Duration: Ongoing

Market: Multifamily

Edwards Place renovations

Size: Multiple

Scope: Full demolition & renovation

Duration: Ongoing

Completed: 2021

Market: Not-for-profit housing

Total-building renovation

Scope: Full building

Units: 11 plus common areas

Completed: 2020

Market: Multifamily

Renato remodel

Size: 22,000 ft²

Scope: Interior

Completed: 2015

Market: Multifamily

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