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What to do if you have Flood Damage - Pic 1

What to do if you have Flood Damage

Flooding and its aftermath can be overwhelming. There are many ways to protect property after a flood, but much needs to be done by a professional. Knowing what you can do and what you need someone else to do will save you time, money, and your property.

Calgary’s ASTRA Restorations is a water-damage restoration company, offering water-damage cleanup and mould remediation. We offer 24-hour emergency service for flood-damaged property. We arrive fast to mitigate further damage and to restore property.

The following is a list of what you should and should not do following a flood event:

  • Contact a flood-emergency specialist
    The longer you wait to contact a flood-emergency specialist, the longer your property is exposed to water and further risk. Time is of the essence. Calgary’s ASTRA Restorations’ certified teams of specialists are ready 24 hours per day to respond to flood-damage emergencies. Our detailed inspections and rigorous extraction and restoration protocols quickly limit damage to your property, restoring your property to its original condition.
  • Turn off electricity
    Keep power off until an electrician has deemed the property safe.
  • Do not inspect water-damaged structures yourself
    The structural integrity of buildings can be compromised by water exposure. By entering flood-affected property, you putt your safety at risk. Enter only once your property has been deemed safe by a trained specialist.
  • Take photos
    For insurance purposes, take photos of all flood water on your property. You should also photograph any belongings that need to be thrown out.
  • Make a list
    Inventory all damaged and lost items. Note their purchase date and value, along with receipts. Keep this list with your property inventory you prepared before the flood.
  • Prevent mould
    Prevent mould by removing any wet contents from structures you can enter safely.
  • Boil water
    Boil water for drinking and food preparation until authorities deem your tap water safe.
  • Do not clean damaged items yourself
    Water-damaged items can contain mould and other unsafe toxic compounds. Cleaning these items without the proper precautions can increase mould exposure by releasing toxic mycotoxins. Improper cleaning can also do irreparable damage to the property itself. Commercially available cleaning products, including bleach, will not suffice. Only trained specialists can effectively restore mould- and water-damaged property and belongings.

Calgary’s ASTRA Restorations is a water-damage restoration service that restores water-damaged property. Our highly trained technicians can restore your flooded Calgary property. Trust Calgary’s ASTRA Restorations to safely restore your flooded property.

*ASTRA Restorations provides mould remediation free of cost with every water-damage restoration service. ASTRA Restorations has the expertise and the tools to save you health, time, money, and future hassle.

For our Calgary-based 24-hour emergency-response service, contact (403) 796-3559.