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Flood damage: Things to keep - Pic 1

Flood damage: Things to keep

Flood damage can be devastating and can affect all contents in your home or business. Further, mould toxins, which proliferate after flooding, can cause serious health problems long after the flooding has ended.
Mould-contaminated belongings can jeopardize health of building occupants. Some items, like upholstery and books, can hold mould toxins indefinitely; other items, however, can be professionally restored.

Knowing which items can be saved and which cannot will help you mitigate mould exposure after a flooding event. All kept items need to be treated by a specialist, though—only then can they be made safe.

Calgary-based ASTRA Restorations offers flood-damage restoration and mould-remediation services. Our highly expert teams restore and remediate flood-affected property and belongings.


Soft and porous items (e.g., fabrics, upholstery, and paper) that cannot be easily laundered should be thrown out. These include, but are not limited to

  • carpet, carpet underlay, and rugs;
  • upholstered furniture;
  • shoes;
  • paper and books;
  • foods and canned items;
  • electronics that cannot be easily cleaned inside, including computers, air conditioners, speakers, microwaves, etc.; and
  • photographs (should be scanned then disposed of).


The following items can be restored by a trained technician:

  • hard, nonporous items, such as jewelry, dishes, and metal;
  • wood furniture, if in good condition;
  • easily cleaned electronics;
  • undamaged clothing (these still need to be laundered with antifungal chemicals);
  • undamaged and easily cleaned artwork and textiles; and
  • necessary and important documents (to be kept in sealed bags).

Keeping unsafe or untreated water-damaged items will continuously expose you and your family to health-destroying mould toxins. A trained team, like Calgary’s ASTRA Restorations needs to treat these belongings.

Calgary’s ASTRA Restorations restores water-damaged and mould-affected property and belongings to their previous conditions. Trust us to make your space and belongings safe again.