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    [geoplugin_request] =>
    [geoplugin_status] => 200
    [geoplugin_delay] => 1ms
    [geoplugin_credit] => Some of the returned data includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from
    [geoplugin_city] => Toronto
    [geoplugin_region] => Ontario
    [geoplugin_regionCode] => ON
    [geoplugin_regionName] => Ontario
    [geoplugin_areaCode] => 
    [geoplugin_dmaCode] => 
    [geoplugin_countryCode] => CA
    [geoplugin_countryName] => Canada
    [geoplugin_inEU] => 0
    [geoplugin_euVATrate] => 
    [geoplugin_continentCode] => NA
    [geoplugin_continentName] => North America
    [geoplugin_latitude] => 43.709
    [geoplugin_longitude] => -79.4057
    [geoplugin_locationAccuracyRadius] => 20
    [geoplugin_timezone] => America/Toronto
    [geoplugin_currencyCode] => CAD
    [geoplugin_currencySymbol] => $
    [geoplugin_currencySymbol_UTF8] => $
    [geoplugin_currencyConverter] => 1.3709



To help organizations achieve their goals through the means of construction.


To be the partner of choice for best-in-class construction services.

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for your next project.


Our projects are our signature. We uphold our brand by using quality materials, best practices, and skilled tradespeople. Our expert professionals ensure industry-leading attention is paid to even the smallest details.


We deliver results on time and on budget without surprises. We earned our reputation as a premier general contractor and construction manager through clear communication, by keeping deadlines, and by always following through.


Our clients are our partners. Partnerships require honesty and trust. We make every decision with our clients' best interests in mind and always in consultation with them. Like our projects, our relationships are built to last.



We provide extensive safety training to all employees, comply with all provincial and federal safety regulations, and diligently follow strict safety policies that are annually reviewed by management.

We prioritize the health and safety of employees, building occupants, and the larger community in all our projects by preventing occupational illness, injury, and property damage.

Our industry-leading protocols for protecting occupants exceed government regulations. This is why we have a perfect safety record, even after having completed thousands of renovations, including in busy apartment buildings.

The safety of all is our biggest priority on every jobsite.


We prioritize the environment and minimize unwanted environmental effects on every jobsite by meeting or exceeding all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

We demonstrate sustainable construction by consistently:

• Training all employees on environmental law and best practices
• Utilizing an environmental management system to identify, classify, assess, and review potential environmental hazards
• Sourcing environmentally sustainable products

Choose Astra as your local contractor today.


Astra aims for the highest levels of corporate responsibility by protecting employees, the company, clients, communities, and the environment.

We operate safely, efficiently, and responsibly, maintaining the highest construction quality standards and our clients’ satisfaction. We strictly adhere to comprehensive policies and procedures, often exceeding but always meeting industry standards.

We value honest communication and clear expectations in our company and with our clients.


Construction can uplift community, increase property value, and promote pride in neighbourhoods.

Astra Group is committed to leaving a lasting and positive impact on every community we work within throughout Western Canada. These are our communities, and we’re proud of the work we do here.