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Each project we complete is our signature. We uphold our brand by using quality materials, experienced craftsmen, and industry-leading practices. Skilled construction professionals oversee each of our contracts, ensuring superior attention is paid to even the smallest details.


As a leading construction company in Calgary, Astra has a reputation for delivering results on-time and without surprises. We’ve earned this reputation by clearly communicating expectations, honouring deadlines, and providing absolute follow-through at every step.


Our clients in Calgary are our partners, and good partnerships are built on honesty and trust. We make each decision in consultation with clients and always with our clients’ best interests at heart. Like our construction projects, our relationships are built to last.


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Astra’s mission is to provide total customer-driven construction services in the Calgary area, servicing client needs at every stage of construction in residential, commercial, and industrial environments. From project visioning to final detailed work, Astra’s goal is to provide expert and highly trained service in all aspects of construction. We aim to uniquely implement functional and beautiful architectural spaces.


We envision the kind of service agility that doesn’t exist elsewhere. With diverse teams across a range of specializations, we wish to provide an adaptive service. We are a construction company that adjusts and configures ourselves, our varied and expert teams, to meet the unique needs and visions of our equally distinct clients. At Astra, we imagine the kind of company that shapes itself to client interest.


At ASTRA Group, employees and subcontractors are family, so we want them to be happy, healthy, and safe. We provide extensive safety training, comply with all provincial and federal safety regulations, and diligently follow a strict safety policy, reviewed annually by ASTRA management.

In all projects, we prioritize health of employees, building occupants, and the community. We do so by preventing, to the best of our ability, occupational illness, injury, and property damage.

Astra Group fully complies with the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act, all local and provincial construction regulations, and all applicable federal and provincial legislation.

Astra Group keeps people safe, buildings strong, and clients happy: this is our number-one priority.


Construction affects the environment: it changes landscapes, alters skylines, and integrates new buildings into existing communities. ASTRA Group prioritizes the environment and minimizes unwanted environmental effects from its build projects in Calgary.

We meet or exceed all applicable environmental laws and regulations and operate in full compliance with all relevant environmental legislation. Sustainable construction is an integral part of our business, and we consistently demonstrate this by the following:

• Training all employees about relevant environmental concerns and encouraging environmentally responsible practices

• Using an environmental management system to identify, classify, assess, and review environmental issues

• Sourcing environmentally responsible products

• Developing and maintaining environmental emergency- and spill-response programs as required by law or where

significant health, safety, or environmental hazards exist

• Promoting waste-, water-, and energy-reduction measures to clients during construction

• Setting measurable goals, providing on-going training, and continuously reviewing our management system’s effectiveness;

• Clearly communicating our environmental commitment to clients and the public.

Choose a Local Contractor, Choose Astra Today.


To many companies, Corporate responsibility is a buzz phrase. But Calgary’s ASTRA Group aims for the highest level of corporate responsibility by protecting employees, company, clients, community, and the environment.

We operate safely, efficiently, and responsibly to maintain the highest-quality construction standards and client satisfaction. Our comprehensive policies and procedures, which we strictly adhere to, exceed industry standards.

ASTRA Group values honest communication and clear expectations, both within our company and with you, our Calgary clients.


Construction, when done right, uplifts community, increasing property value and promoting pride in neighbourhoods. With each new build, renovation, restoration, or property-management project, ASTRA Group minimizes neighbourhood disruption while adding to community architectural culture.

ASTRA Group is committed to leaving a lasting and positive impact on Calgary. This is our community, and we’re proud of the work we do here.


ASTRA Group’s many certifications demonstrate our commitment to health, safety, and superior performance. We want our clients to know what these certifications mean and what they say about our company.

ASTRA Group’s COR certification demonstrates that our health- and safety-management systems have been evaluated by a certified auditor and that these systems meet the provincial standards set by Occupational Health and Safety.

Contractor Check certification means that ASTRA Group has undergone a thorough assessment of health and safety policies and procedures, training, and insurance by an independent, third-party health-and-safety accreditor.

Astra Group is a prepaid contracting business with Alberta. This means it is licensed by the Province of Alberta to solicit, negotiate, or conclude prepaid contracts in person at any place, other than the sellers’ place of business, and to accept money before all work is done and/or services are fully provided.

Astra has been awarded the Consumer Choice Award in Restoration category for Southern Alberta. We have excelled in a comprehensive process worthy of this Seal of Excellence. We strive to continue this excellence and hope to achieve the same award repeatedly in the coming years; not limited to this specific category, but in all divisions of Astra Group.

Astra has been awarded the Top Choice in Commercial Renovation Services of 2019 & 2020 in Calgary B2B by Top Choice Awards. We’ve stood out as the best choice of our category in the immense amount of options in today’s business scene. Receiving feedback in the voting process has also given us the opportunity to continue improving in every aspect possible, to further our trust and build on our current and future relationships.

RenoMark identifies professional contractors who have agreed to abide by a renovation-specific Code of Conduct. The Renovators Mark of Excellence makes it easy for homeowners to identify participating professional renovators who have agreed to provide a superior level of service.

ISN certification means ASTRA Group complies with internal and governmental record-keeping and compliance requirements. ISN regularly collects, reviews, and assesses health and safety, procurement, quality, and regulatory information.

Certification from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restorations means Astra Group abides by all IICRC strict standards for water, mould, fire, and asbestos restorations. To maintain this certification, Astra employees continuously receive up-to-date IICRC education about restoration best practices.

Astra Group is proud of our A+ Better Business Bureau rating. This is the highest rating a business can achieve and reflects our honest, transparent, and respectful working relationships with clients.

ComplyWorks provides compliance management solutions. By participating in ComplyWorks, Astra Group better manages compliance to internal and external requirements. This ensures our policies and procedures are up to date and consistently meet or exceed industry standards.

The Alberta Construction Safety Association issues COR certification. As an ACSA member, ASTRA Group adheres to industry-recommended health and safety protocols and practices.

We at Astra Group are proud to announce that we have been ranked within the top 10 best contractors in Calgary, by Best In Calgary.

As a member of the CCA, Astra is provided with leading-edge services and opportunities to advance within and advocation for, our industry’s development.

ASTRA Group Corp. Strictly follows guidelines set by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification (IICRC). We are proud members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating, and we hold COR safety certificate.