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Astra Construction offers total renovation services in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, and throughout Western Canada. We provide all interior renovation services for office towers, retail spaces, institutions, and specialized businesses like restaurants.

We offer everything from design to final detail work so you don't need multiple teams. We perform quality work on time and on budget.




Our work is recognized across Western Canada

We work extensively with large property managers and commercial tenants to improve commercial and office spaces. Our past renovations include some of Alberta's most recognized buildings.


Everything your renovation needs and more

Our teams provide all the commercial renovation services you need to bring your project to completion, from design to project end. With us, you only need one company.


No surprises and everything you expect

Commercial renovation timelines are strict and impact your bottom line. We're proud of our reputation for completing our commercial renovations throughout Western Canada on time and on budget.

Western Canada's Go-To Contractor for Commercial Renovations

A Service You Can Trust

Astra is the go-to choice for some of Western Canada's largest property managers, like the ones below.



We meet all industry regulations

Whether your commercial renovation requires specialty technology or compliance with industry-specific safety regulations, Astra has the experience to meet your needs and get everything done the right way.


Brighten up or rebuild your commercial space

Astra Construction offers extensive office rejuvenation and commercial renovation services. We turn bland impractical layouts into inspired functional designs.


Specialized projects that require occupant safety.

We are proud recipient of four consecutive Consumer Choice Awards and our three-in-a-row Top Choice Awards, each for our renovations and restorations work in Calgary and Southern Alberta.

Find out more by getting in touch.

Get started with Astra today.

Contact us below to tell us about your project.

Past Projects

Astra Business Centre

638 11th Avenue SW, Calgary

We renovated the Astra Business Centre from a foreclosure into a shared-office and coworking hub, now a cornerstone of the Beltline business community.

Area:   18,500 ft²
Duration:   12 months
Units:   69 offices
Completed:   2022

Astra Block

1122 40th Avenue NE, Calgary

Area: 37,500 ft²
Duration: 4 months
Scope: Interior & exterior
Completed: 2019

Calgary's Visual College of Art & Design

100-1035 7th Avenue SW, Calgary

We renovated a vacant oil-and-gas building into a cutting-edge two-floor flagship design school.

Area: 16,800 ft² 
Duration: 4.5 months
Scope: Full interior
Completed: 2019

CDI College

Need address

Area: 10,000 ft² 
Duration: 6 months
Scope: Full interior
Year: 2020

RMG Advertising Group

8-5708 7th Avenue SW, Calgary

Astra provided interior remodelling of RMG Advertising Group's new 3,000 ft² commercial property in time for their spring 2021 office relocation.

Area: 3,000 ft² 
Scope: Full Scope Renovation
Duration: 4 months
Scope: Full interior
Completed: 2021

Alberta Ballet

141 18th Avenue SW, Calgary

Square Footage: 5,500 ft² 
Duration: 1.5 months
Scope: Full interior
Completed: 2019


1015 4th Street SW, Calgary

This full renovation of fourth-floor washrooms and lobby included a full remodel and replacement of all interior finishes, as per designs by Erin Baugh.

Area: Fourth floor
Duration: 8 weeks
Scope: Washrooms & lobby
Completed: 2017

Aspen Properties

444 5th Avenue SW, Calgary

Area: 7,500 ft² 
Duration: 8 weeks
Scope: Interior remodel
Completed: 2017


505 3rd Street SW, Calgary

This commercial renovation included the complete remodel of bathrooms and a lobby, including unique design features.

Area: 2 washrooms & lobby 
Duration: 4 months
Scope: Interior
Completed: 2019

Manulife: Calgary House

550 6th Avenue SW, Calgary

Area: 10,600 ft² 
Duration: 7 weeks
Scope: Interior & exterior
Completed: 2016

Aspen Properties

101 9th Avenue SW, Calgary

These commercial renovations of washrooms in Calgary Tower included the complete demolition and replacement of all finishes with a new design and specifications.

Area: 4 washrooms 
Duration: 6 weeks
Scope: Interior
Completed: 2019

Artis Reit

8500 MacLeod Trail S, Calgary

Area: Locker-rooms
Duration: 2 months
Scope: Interior
Completed: 2017

Manulife & Versett

1122 4th Street SW, Calgary

This commercial renovation included the full remodel of a fourteenth floor for Versett.

Area: 7,000 ft² 
Duration: 1.5 months
Scope: Full interior
Completed: 2018