stdClass Object
    [geoplugin_request] =>
    [geoplugin_status] => 200
    [geoplugin_delay] => 2ms
    [geoplugin_credit] => Some of the returned data includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from
    [geoplugin_city] => Toronto
    [geoplugin_region] => Ontario
    [geoplugin_regionCode] => ON
    [geoplugin_regionName] => Ontario
    [geoplugin_areaCode] => 
    [geoplugin_dmaCode] => 
    [geoplugin_countryCode] => CA
    [geoplugin_countryName] => Canada
    [geoplugin_inEU] => 0
    [geoplugin_euVATrate] => 
    [geoplugin_continentCode] => NA
    [geoplugin_continentName] => North America
    [geoplugin_latitude] => 43.709
    [geoplugin_longitude] => -79.4057
    [geoplugin_locationAccuracyRadius] => 20
    [geoplugin_timezone] => America/Toronto
    [geoplugin_currencyCode] => CAD
    [geoplugin_currencySymbol] => $
    [geoplugin_currencySymbol_UTF8] => $
    [geoplugin_currencyConverter] => 1.3582

Astra Group - Commercial Building Renovation Contractors in Calgary

ASTRA Group is a professional Commercial Building Renovation Contractors in Calgary, with an experienced team, providing commercial building renovation and remodeling services. The team is committed to the "high-quality, low-cost" renovation concept, with extensive experience and modern technology. We have a dedicated professional attitude to bring you the best building improvement experience!

Our company performs all types of commercial building renovations in Calgary. Our specialization and rich experience allow us to carry out repairs and finishing work of building of any complexity. We are trusted by large shopping centers, in which we repaired shops and many other commercial premises.

Commercial Building Renovation Services

In the field of commercial construction and renovation, there are cases when overhaul of entire building renovation is required. Sometimes these are industrial buildings, consisting of a large number of premises. Such complex and large-scale repair work should be approached professionally. ASTRA group is ready to provide you building renovation services with all our experience in this field.

As a top commercial building renovation contractors in Calgary We offer you a wide range of building renovation services of commercial and industrial premises.