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    [geoplugin_status] => 200
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    [geoplugin_credit] => Some of the returned data includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from
    [geoplugin_city] => Toronto
    [geoplugin_region] => Ontario
    [geoplugin_regionCode] => ON
    [geoplugin_regionName] => Ontario
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    [geoplugin_countryName] => Canada
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    [geoplugin_continentName] => North America
    [geoplugin_latitude] => 43.709
    [geoplugin_longitude] => -79.4057
    [geoplugin_locationAccuracyRadius] => 20
    [geoplugin_timezone] => America/Toronto
    [geoplugin_currencyCode] => CAD
    [geoplugin_currencySymbol] => $
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    [geoplugin_currencyConverter] => 1.3709

Commercial Tenant Improvement General Contractors in Calgary

ASTRA Construction is a top tenant improvement general contractors in calgary, including commercial buildouts. Most construction improvement projects have tight turnarounds and narrow budgets. ASTRA Construction works within both these limitations yet still provides quality renovated spaces.

ASTRA Construction works with owners and tenants to ensure questions and concerns are addressed and don’t impede time-sensitive renovations.

Tenant Improvement Services

We provide everything from project visioning to final detail work. Our design and drafting services provide distinct and practical visuals that ensure your space will be both efficient and effective.

Calgary’s ASTRA Construction has provided some of the most striking tenant designs in Calgary’s most prominent commercial buildings. We provide work that is not only aesthetically inspired but also functional.

If you would like to better envision the possibilities of your space, we also provide white-boxing services. This means we strip a space down to bare drywall—like a shell or a box—so you can see what your space can be.

We accommodate special requests, like power connections and structural support for wall mounts. We also consider future tenants and space requirements so foreseeable issues can be avoided now.

We respect your time and space. We work within your monetary and time budget while providing total service so you don’t need a bunch of companies to make your improvements happen. As your trusted tenant improvement general contractors in calgary, ASTRA Construction ensures your build won’t run over budget.